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  • APACE VFEG works in partnership with communities to promote and assist in ecologically sustainable development through the transfer of appropriate technologies. APACE VFEG implements projects in cooperation with local communities and governments, and assists them in sourcing funds. APACE VFEG is not a donor organisation.

  • The story of APACE began in the mid-seventies. The first APACE VFEG project overseas commenced in 1978 and was completed in 1983 as a United Nations pilot. It was a demonstration rural community development project, a hydroelectricity scheme at Iriri village in Solomon Islands principally funded by UNIDO. The success of this micro-hydro scheme was an inspiration to other villages and led to electrification in the Vavanga and Ghatere communities, Kolombangara, Manawai Harbour community, Malaita and to the Western Province Renewable Energy program and SIVEC. Further schemes were Bulelavata community and Beulah PSS, W P, Raeao and Nariaoa communities, Malaita.

  • APACE VFEG has been involved in renewable energy programs affecting more than 150 rural communities. For the latest news on these programs see Solomon Islands news. APACE VFEG's recent role has been in supporting and upgrading the existing schemes and providing information. This is largely due to the lack of support by governments and donors for rural electrification despite the strong demand from local communities.

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    The work of APACE VFEG is supported and assisted by the University of Technology, Sydney